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“I work for a construction company and we recently just moved to a new building where we needed a security alarm system so we called Supreme Security. The service techinican that came and installed the alarm systems was great and helpful and even to this day any request we have they are following up within an hour or two. We even tested the alarm system and they were on call 2 minutes later. all in all supreme had great pricing, great staff and affordable.”
Anne Louise Lapuz, Calgary

Certified Partner

Improving homes and businesses since 1985

Supreme is one of Calgary’s largest one-stop shop for security alarm systems and enhancements. We specialize in custom security solutions. No matter what your concern is, we can help bring you peace of mind and protect what is most important to you.

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We have the standards and knowledge to know what is required in order to obtain certification, trust us to set you up quickly and painlessly.Learn more
Giving your employees card access adds an extra element of security. Now you can know exactly who enters what room and can be notified automatically if there is any suspicious activity.Learn more
Communicate with those who are at your doorstep of your home or business with audio and video. Be able to see and talk to whoever is there, every time.Learn more
With our state of the art line of life safety devices you can be assured that your business and/or family is fully-protected against deadly disasters.Learn more
We have the technology to transform your living room into a home theatre with the touch of a button. If your passion is television, gaming or movies, then this solution is for you.Learn more
Have the joy of music in every room; upstairs, downstairs, kitchen, or office – get your favourite tunes, news, or podcasts as you move throughout your house.Learn more